How to Comment on a Bill

A Guide for Navigating the NH Gencourt Website

When a bill is being considered in the NH Legislature, often the public will have the opportunity to comment and/or state their position on the bill.

Below we will show you how to fill out the form on the NH Gencourt Website and where to find it on their website.

Things you'll need to know before filling out the form:

1. The date the committee is meeting

2. Which committee is assigned to the bill

3. The bill name/number.

How to Complete the Form: 

Step 1 is easy, just fill in your information.

Step 2 requires you to select the committee meeting date by clicking the date on the calendar. The drop down options in Step 3 will not appear until you've selected the date here.

Step 3 fill out the drop down questions:

  • Select the Committee
  • Select the bill name/number
  • Select that you are a member of the public
  • And select that you are representing yourself

Once you've answered those questions you can "Indicate Your Position on this Bill" by clicking the circle next to "I Support this Bill" or "I Oppose this Bill."  If you don't have any comments or testimony, then you are ready to submit your form.

Step 4 is optional. You can add testimony or commentsfor the committee to see by attaching a PDF document or by typing your comments in the space provided.

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How to find the form page from the General Court of New Hampshire homepage on a computer:

Go to

  1. Hover mouse over "House" from the top menu bar so a list appears.
  2. Select "Standing Committees" from the options.
  3. On the new page, click on "Committees" in the top menu bar.
  4. Then click "Online Testimony Submission (sign-in)" and a new page should load showing the form above.

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