Advocacy Resources

To sign up as a library advocate or share a suggestion for a library advocacy resource email

Specific New Hampshire resources

To understand how a bill becomes law in New Hampshire, check out this overview: How-a-Bill-Becomes-a-Law.pdf (

These 2-page resources were created using examples from NH libraries. Please feel free to download and share these within your communities to highlight the services your library offers.

NH Libraries & Your Community (overview of types of services offered in our libraries across the state)

Digital Empowerment and NH Libraries (Broadband and access)

NH Libraries Serve & Honor Veterans

General (soup-to-nuts) guides

ALA Advocacy Resources

Library Advocacy Unshushed (University of Toronto’s 7-week course from 2015, archived at EdX)

The Small but Powerful Guide to Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library (2017, ALA)

Library Advocacy Starter Kit (

Shareable library advocacy material

Libraries Transform (ALA)
Real Stories (

Raw materials for library advocacy

NH Public Library Statistics

IMLS Surveys & Data

OCLC From Awareness to Funding: Voter perceptions and Support of Public Libraries in 2018 report

Pew Research Center (put “libraries” in the search bar and all recent articles/info will come up)

Library Use Value (ROI) Calculator

Keep up with hot topics

Advocacy and Current Federal Policy/Funding Issues (ALA)