Strategic Plan 2022-23

The New Hampshire Library Association, founded in 1889, has not had an official, written strategic plan to guide the Executive Board as it makes decisions on a regular basis about resource allocation. This initial plan will carry us through December 2023 and codified waht the Association is already doing, and promotes future planning both in a financial sense and in a practical sense since we are an all-volunteer-run organization.

The plan was compiled by a subcommittee consisting of seven members of the Executive Board with data from four surveys which were from our executive board members, NHLA Sections, our membership and the general library public (non-members) of the association.

A two-year plan and keeping it to only two pages was decided upon to follow along with officer terms of three years, thus out Vice-President has a structure to start their term and can continue their work as President. It is also more manageable for our first plan so that we can be successful.

You can view the Strategic Plan here and the survey data here: Members, Non-Members, Executive Board, Sections